Virtual & Augmented Reality Agency

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Virtual & Augmented Reality Agency

Give us a call. We’d love to hear from you!! Contact us


We are a creative agency providing complex virtual reality and augmented reality services. We produce premium immersive interactive experiences. Based in Prague, we are part of the digital agency BRAINZ.

Our services

Complete AR/VR creative services

VR and AR require new creative approaches in order to work correctly. That is our role, and we will help you with everything from the initial idea, through concepts, scripts, 3D modeling, postproduction to motion design.

360° video production & postproduction

Our speciality is combining the world of immersive 360° video with the world of real-time 3D. We own hi-end 360° camera rigs and have an experienced production team. We can shoot anything from a YouTube/Facebook 360° video to complex footage for VR.

Multi-platform AR/VR development

We love Unity 3D. We believe it offers the best multi-platform toolset, and we have our own set of technologies built on top of it. We have experience with optimizing for the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, Google DayDream, Cardboards, and others. We use Google ARCore, Tango and Apple ARKit for AR apps.

App publishing & distribution strategy

Creating VR/AR experiences is one thing, getting them to customers on events or on app stores is another. We can help with publishing or even providing staff for your conferences to handle the VR devices for your customers. We have our own VR Showroom, so we have real-world experience with handling customers in VR.

Škoda Heritage VR

ŠKODA Auto wanted to give a chance to people to drive a fabulous historic car in the streets of Prague one hundred years ago! Thanks to the virtual reality, anyone can put on a set of VR glasses and experience an exclusive setting beyond real time.
Sit back and enjoy the tricks created with a combination of various technologies, including a 3D photo reconstruction, a green screen shooting and a monumental single-shot 360° filming.

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Augmented reality application that allows clients to try out a new KAROQ before seeing it physically at a car show. In addition to custom vehicle configuration, users can experience an interactive test drive on the virtual planet KAROQ.

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Virtual Ship

BRAINZ VR and Rémy Cointreau set off on a joint cruise on a “virtual ship”. For the premium rum brand Mount Gay, we mocked up a realistic model of a ship which sways thanks to hydraulic mechanisms. Using a HTC Vive application, the physical feeling of the wave motion is synchronized with a virtual experience of a Caribbean cruise. The installation premiered in 2017 at a festival Rumfest in Žluté lázně in Prague.

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VOSTO5 and BRAINZ VR present an immersive interactive landing into virtual reality. “Colonisation” is a staged play performed by company Vosto5 in Archa Theatre in Prague. Colonisation is also a game test based on the viewer’s virtual embodiment of one of the characters. With a combination of a classic 2D filming, a 360° video and a 3D reconstruction of the environment, the viewer experiences a captivating image of conquering the universe.


360-degree video

Sponzorship od Czech participation at Rally Dakar 2017. Camera placed on various parts of a racing vehicle allowing the viewer to experience a training drive.

Our clients & friends

Nestle Renault Delta Light Kino Pilotů LABZ


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